OK, it looks as though I’ll still be using WP here, so look forward to seeing it all functioning properly again once I get all those plug-ins reinstalled.

Don’t expect to see any posts, though – I think you underestimate how lazy I really am.

Ready, Steady, Nothing

OK, things are moving along a little.  Prompted by the news that Unlimited are about to change my web site generator, I’ve finally got around to getting WP working on the site in the (probably vain) hope that I can automatically convert it to the new tool.  One quick export/import later and all the content is there but with the default settings.  No point in installing all my plug-ins until I know whether I can convert, so this is how it’ll look for the next few days … weeks … lifetimes.

We’ll see how it turns out.


I’m using WordPress to produce this blog:  it’s free.  I’m also using a lot of WordPress plug-ins:  they’re also free.

As a result, the more observant among you might occasionally notice some odd features or behaviour within these pages.  However, as long as the plug-in does most of the work I expect from it, and the side-effects are not life-threatening, I’ll allow it to live.

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