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The Gyrocrabbe

During a discussion with a colleague many years ago – one which quickly degenerated into general frivolity and mirth – he coined the word “Gyrocrabbe” (although that’s not necessarily how he would spell it). It’s a utility word for unspecified units of measurement that means whatever you want it to mean, and can be used in such sentences as “We measured the system outout to be in excess of 370 gyrocrabbes” or “I  buffered the gyrocrabbe limiter with a bucketful of engine oil and sawdust”.

Why do we do these things?  One day, I will be a famous astrophysicist or accountant and intend to discover or invent something useful.  That something will be termed the “gyrocrabbe” and my place in history will be assured.  Take that, Professor Higgs-Boson!

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