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UK IT Offshoring to India – You Really Need To Know This

Although, to be honest, I doubt there’s anything you can do about it.  The issues are just too hard to grip and near-impossible to formulate any realistic strategy for dealing with.  I wrote this paper last year and published it internally to my employer, to near-universal indifference.  I’ve since updated it based on recent experience and a sharp dose of reality and now present it for your education and entertainment.  Here’s the abstract:

The use of offshore and landed offshore staff on UK-originated software development and outsourcing projects, with a particular focus on staff in, or from, India, continues to grow.  This growth has not been without its costs, however.  Anecdotally, British project managers and team members alike report issues when interfacing with their Indian colleagues.  Typically, these include statements along the lines of

  • They don’t do what we ask them to do”
  • They won’t answer a simple question”
  • They lie to us”

This paper is an attempt to outline the origins of and motivation for this apparent behaviour and to provide a basis for improving our ability to work with, rather than against, our Indian colleagues, thus improving our overall delivery capability.

Here’s the paper.


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