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About Me

March 1966 was a very trying time for me.  After nine months in the safety and comfort of my mother’s womb, I was rudely pushed into a frankly disappointing world populated by an infinity of people apparently dedicated to giving me a hard time.  In the decades since, things have settled down a little and I’m now just over a quarter of a century into a glorious and lucrative career in IT.

(Snap fingers)

Aaand … you’re back in the room.”

To be honest, I’ve created up this blog because I’m paying for it and because I need a release for my frustration at the fact that we in IT are still doing things as badly now as we were half a century ago.  Will we never learn?  Our history is not promising.

Anyway, as it says up there:  about me.  I like my wife, cats, music, PlayStation, pinball, cooking, gardening, sleeping and reading.  For anyone who cares, I was born in Plymouth but grew up in the Birmingham/Black Country borderlands.  This makes me multilingual.  I now live “oop narth” somewhere (that’s another language added) and work as a Project Engineer for a world-class IT services and business consultancy company.

There – now I’m done.  Send me a message via the form below if there’s something I should know about.

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